7 Effective Time Management Tips

Time – is the most valuable asset we all have, but for some reason, we don’t take advantage of what we have.

We always think, if I had been successful, if I had money, if I had something – I would be better.

But there’s always “if”…

You don’t have to be something more than you are now…

You just need to think, what you can do with what you have.

We all have one thing – Time, and it’s free, it’s right there, you just need to grab it. 

If you’re reading this, then you probably already realized, what Time represents. I’m going to tell you a couple of tips on how you can use the most valuable asset we all have.

1. Time Check

Start with checking your time on a day to day basis. Find out which tasks are taking the most of your time. Divide your tasks into Important and Non-Important. 

If it an office job, you may be spending hours answering emails instead of focusing on important tasks.

Knowing what are you doing with your time can help you make decisions about which tasks you have to do first and how much time you can give it.

2. Have a To-Do List

Planning your time for every hour of your day can save you valuable time.

There are plenty of To-Do List apps for your phone and desktop you can download for free. 

The most satisfying feeling of having a To-Do List is when you check out what you’ve done. It will release pressure when you know that there are fewer tasks left to do for the day.

Write down everything on that list, from brushing your teeth in the morning to making the bed before sleep. 

Yes, it may be a lot of information to write down on to the list, but you will know what you should be doing every minute of the day. 

I recommend planning work hours if possible like this:

Have a 5-10 minutes rest after working for every hour. And do that for every hour you work. Because it will be better for your health and your mind will rest a bit before every task.

Stick to the same schedule every day, that way you will adapt, and in time it will be much easier for your mind and body.

3. Important Tasks

Do your most important tasks in the morning. 

There are 2 reasons why:

  • Energy

In the morning after hours of sleeping your mind and body will be rested, so your cup filled with energy will be full. 

It’s better to pour that cup on to the most important tasks you have for the day, to make it done better and faster.

In other words, do important tasks in the morning because you have the most energy.

  • Feeling of accomplishment

When you finish important tasks that require a lot of energy you feel relieved, right? So, why don’t you make these tasks done in the morning to get rid of that pressure for the rest of the day?

4. One Task at a Time

Can you multitask? Probably. But I still recommend focusing on one task at a time.

Being in the middle of one task and you start doing another, that means you just left your first task unfinished. Don’t do that. 

If you started something then finish it, don’t lose your momentum. 

Stay concentrated on one task at a time.

The reason why is because if took another task in the middle of your first, and you make a mistake, you delay your tasks, and they can be unfinished for a long time. 

You’ll get stressed, you can make more mistakes and your confidence will be unbalanced. It will be hard to get your confidence restored again.

You may think it will be faster to multitask a few tasks at one time, but you’re taking the risk of failing all tasks at one time. 

Actually, when you are 100% concentrated on one task, you will get it done much, much faster than multitasking.

5. Plan Ahead

Having a plan for a week will help you focus on your priorities. You will be more organized because you will know what to expect in the nearest couple of days.

Plan your week on Sundays. It will take you a couple of minutes to plan your week. Break your weekly goals into daily tasks. 

Remember, Monday is the day when your brain has the most energy. Use this day to make the hardest tasks done.

6. Inspiration

How often you plan to do something tomorrow, before going to bed, but when you wake up the next day you feel like doing nothing?

Put aside daydreaming and focus on your tasks. You promised yourself to make it done the day before, so just go and do it. Don’t wait for an inspiration to strike.

There will always be days when you feel unmotivated. Don’t wait for the moment when you feel like you’re ready. 

Motivation will come when you’ll start doing what you are supposed to do.

7. Take Advantages of Time

Every day we are all waiting for something. We wait in lines, for our meetings, waiting for the bus to arrive, being at the train station, or waiting for our plane at the airport. 

We always wait for something, so take advantage of your waiting time and use it.

Use this time to answer emails on your phone, or missed phone calls.

Or even if you don’t have any work left to do, use this time to improve your skills or learn something new, for example: read a book, listen to podcasts.

We all have 24 hours per day, even if you sleep for 8 hours, you still have 16 hours left. Use your given time to the maximum of your abilities.

Take advantage of the most valuable asset you have, it’s there, it’s free, just grab it and it will be yours.

Don’t waste time, even for a second. 

Money will come and go, but time can never be replaced.

Please comment down below, what’s your opinion on this topic. Write any suggestions about what would you like to read next. 

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