Social Media Marketing Strategy

We use social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. every day. But some of the people are using these platforms as a business opportunity to earn a large amount of money.

And you’re probably thinking – How do they do that? Can I do it?

Of course!

I highly recommend you to start building a business brand on social media, because let’s face it – Technology evolves, and now everyone is moving into the internet.

For example:

  • Less and less people are buying newspapers and starting to read blogs and news using the internet.
  • More and more people are buying Netflix membership instead of buying movie tapes or CDs.
  • Now clothing brands or any other brands are earning more with digital stores than having regular stores.

And everything is shared through social media. 

Social media is now the biggest advertisement platform you can find.

Influencers are sending people through social media to other platforms so that people could buy what they advertise for them.

They earn a small percentage per person, but when they sum up, they can earn even up to 6-Figures income a month.

Topics & Platforms

There are plenty of different platforms you can choose from, but all of them are very different. 

It all depends on how you imagine your business.

  • Posting photos of yourself / business stuff.
  • Writing blogs.
  • Filming daily vlogs.
  • Motivation.
  • Making funny / cool videos.
  • Making amazing photos / images.
  • And 100 of other types

As you see, there are plenty of topics you can choose from.

And for every topic, there is a platform.

For example:

  • Facebook is now more suited for posting some sort of Funny Cat Videos Compilations or Memes.
  • Instagram is more suited for models.
  • Pinterest for cool images without faces and promoting other websites.

Before starting building your own business in social media you have to decide what do you want to post, and where you can find people looking for your product.

If you think you can use every platform at once, then you are wrong. You’ll just be wasting your time and money.

And yes, it’s best when your business is using 2-3 platforms for social media, but not at the beginning. 

It’s good to use a couple of platforms because algorithms are changing often, every couple of months. It can be that once when algorithms match your content you can earn a huge load of money into your pockets, but when they change something and it doesn’t match, your social media account can take a knock out.

To have multiple platforms for your business is crucial because if something happens, and one platform goes down or the algorithm doesn’t match your strategy, you have another platform to rely on your income.

When you are just starting your business on social media, start ONLY on one platform. Don’t rush to start multiple platforms at once. You just won’t have the time to study a couple of platforms to get the best results.

Study? Yes, it’s not just posting images and hoping that people will see it. Oh no.

You have to study the platform inside-and-out to learn what you have to do to attract more people to your content. 

Strategies changes often, just like algorithms. So you have to be ready when that happens.


To come up with a good strategy, you have to study the platform all the time or find people that do, because it’s not that easy to find information.

It’s not like platforms show you what you can and cannot do. You won’t just find one PDF file with all the information.

You have to literally test everything all the time to see if it works or not.

It’s a lot easier if you have a buddy that doing the same business you are.

In this case, you can communicate and try different strategies and see which one works better.


As I said before, this platform is best for models, entrepreneurs, influencers, and actors. 

In other words, this is a “face platform”. 

To start a business here, first what you have to do is to switch your Personal Account to Business Account or Creator Account in your profile settings.

This platform is build to show your life. So it’s very hard to attract people to your website because you can’t post a clickable link in the description of the post.

Although, you can post a link in your profile description, or while making ads.

• Strategies

There are a couple of strategies you can try a the beginning if now you are no one. 

#1 Strategy

Find people with your niche and see how they have built their business and try to understand their style of work.

Be active with these people, you can even try to write them a message and ask a couple of questions, maybe they will reply.

Follow people that follow them, show them that you have a similar business niche.

Be active with followers. Like & comment on their posts. Write longer comments than a few words. Appreciate them. You’ll boost your chances to be followed back.

Don’t follow too many users at once. Instagram has a limit.

Make no more than 50 followings at once or else you will be suspended. Divide your day into 3 sessions.

For example, follow people each day at:

  1. 8h-9h a.m.
  2. 1h-2h p.m.
  3. 6h-7h p.m.

While you’re following users, don’t forget to comment on their posts and of course like them.

Do that each day, and you’ll see the result in a month. You will be able to gain around 1k followers.

It will be easier to gain followers when you will have a couple of thousands of followers.

#2 Strategy

Make promotions for your posts. 

Yes, promoting ads can boost your likes and followers significantly. 

With promotions, you can choose the destination where to send people to:

  1. Your Website
  2. Your Profile
  3. Your Direct Messages

This way you can attract Instagram users to your business website.

With promotions, it’s a lot easier to show people your products if you’re selling them.

The biggest advantage of promotions is that you choose which users you want to find. You can select a country, user age, and topics to find people that would be interested in your niche.

Don’t rush and select everything you can when promoting. You’ll see a bar on top, adjust these settings so that you would see a green bar with the word “Great”, that will work better.

When you’ll adjust the Budget & Duration, I highly recommend extending duration longer than a week. About the budget is up to you.

If the duration is longer than a week, Instagram will be able to adapt your post and will find more suitable people for your niche.

#3 Strategy

Always write tags under the post. ALWAYS.

The more tags you will be able to write, the more chances you will have to get discovered.

I recommend to write something around 20 tags for every post.

But before writing tags, write a couple of sentences something nice about your post. It doesn’t have to be always about what is shown on the image. You can always write a funny joke. People will only see that you are more confident and funny than others. 

If you want to hide your tags, that’s okay, just write multiple empty lines with dots (because empty lines will be deleted).


Facebook is a platform when now people usually post funny cat videos or memes. But you can still build a page for your business and be successful on this platform.

Of course, the #1 Strategy would be to share your page with your profile friends and ask them to share, that way you will be able to attract local people to your page. 

#2 Strategy

Make something that would attract people to your page.

For example, make a give-away. 

It would look like this:

For every people to participate in this giveaway, they would have to invite 2 friends to follow you.

Make a little competition between your followers.

And a reward doesn’t have to something expensive.

#3 Strategy

Promotion is also a strategy to boost your followers and likes, just like on Instagram.

Just create a post and with the Pages Manager app create promotions.

Facebook and Instagram are a bit similar because the company is the same.


Well, Pinterest isn’t anything like Facebook or Instagram or any other social media brand. 

Pinterest is an image-based social media network, and it’s a perfect platform for users and businesses to promote their interests.

It’s actually the only Top platform where the system is built to promote your business and send people to your own website.

Pinterest is a platform if your business doesn’t have anything common with faces. This is not a platform for models. 

You can even say this is the platform made for bloggers.

Because for each blogger that uses Pinterest, almost 90% of viewers come from Pinterest.

Pinterest is very popular with niches like: 

  • Health & Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Make Money Online
  • Travel
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle
  • Business

On this platform, you can literally find everything you want.

#1 Strategy

Make 4-1 Boards

• 4 Boards are for pinning only what you find on Pinterest that is common with your niche.

• 1 Board will be for pinning only your own pins.

The Strategy is, that you have to pin EVERY SINGLE DAY to all of your boards. Make sessions as we talked about with Instagram.

Don’t pin more than 50 pins a day. There isn’t an exact number of how much you can pin at once, but it something about 50.

And before pinning pins to your boards, don’t forget to visit those pins websites. – It’s very important!

Because Pinterest is very strict with their rules, and if you will be just pinning without checking out their websites, you will be suspended!

#2 Strategy

Join Group Boards.

Maybe this trend isn’t as popular as it used to be, you can still gain a lot of followers from Group Boards. Because every follower of Group Boards will see your pins, and they can discover and start following you.

Every Group Boards have their own rules, don’t forget to check them out. 

You can find Group Boards in

#3 Strategy

Join Pinterest groups on Facebook. 

Usually, you can’t just post your page out of the blue.

But often Admins make posts on Facebook where you can comment down below one of your pins.

Join a couple of different groups, but try to find there are similar to your niche.

#4 Strategy

You can also promote your pins in Pinterest, to boost viewers to your website.

Although, this strategy is not for everyone. It depends on which country you live in.

I will tell you some of the tips in Pinterest you can use.

• Pin every day! The worst you can do is to pin for a couple of days and then leave your account for a week. This is just the worst. – Don’t do that.

• If your pins won’t get a lot of views in a month don’t worry. Algorithms work very differently on Pinterest than on other platforms. If everything is fine with your pin (I mean how it looks like and if it attracts people) your pin will most likely be discovered 4-8 months from the day you posted.

• Use Analytics to see which pins are better working for you and which are not. Learn from your pins and improve.

You can make a business with every social media there is, but not every platform is suited for every business type. Study before starting your business on which platform is best suited for your niche. 

Don’t worry if something goes wrong, to improve we have to fail at first. To learn we have to make mistakes, and you have to understand that this is the process, making mistakes is great! It means you are on the right path.

Social media is evolving every day, and I believe this is the best place you can start your business today.

The best and most important TIP I can give you is that you have to work and work to become successful in this business. Competition is insane. You have to work like in a full-time job from day one.

You won’t build income in a few days, it usually takes a few months or even a year. You have to motivate yourself because it’s actually not that easy how you imagined it would be like. 

But when you will succeed, you will see, all the hard work was worth it.

Please comment down below, what’s your opinion on this topic. Write any suggestions about what would you like to read next. 

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